About us:

The idea to found a Penya originated back in 2008 and was realized in 2009. 

At first there were two fan groups: The Penya Azulgrana Frankfurt from Obertshausen and the Penya Blaugrana Frankfurt from Hofheim. Founders of the Penya Azulgrana from Obertshausen were Pablo Ariza and Carlo Dietl. At Penya Blaugrana the founders were Jesus Munoz, Francisco Javier Martin, Gregor Aey and also Francisco Markos. After careful deliberation and recommendation from Barcelona, the two fan groups merged into one: The Penya Azulgrana Frankfurt.

Now there were no further obstacles to officially registrate the Penya at FC Barcelona and on 11.09.2009 the registration was successful. Since then, we growed from 50 members to over 100 in 2016 and we welcome like-minded FC Barcelona-Fans to join us at anytime. 

Meeting point:

The meeting point of our Penya is at Centro Gallego:

Centro Gallego
An der Staufenmauer 14
60311 Frankfurt am Main